We’ve just announced SceneWeaver

The SceneCaster team is attending DEMO 2008 where we’re announcing our new SceneWeaver technology that we’ll be releasing at the end of February. SceneWeaver extends the reach of SceneCaster in three ways:

You will now be able to add links to objects. These links can be to another scene, a specific camera in your scene or any web page on the internet.
We are adding the ability to embed your scene in any web page or blog on the internet. You can see an example of this below.
We are making these scenes universally available so that viewers can interact with them whether or not they have a plug in. The software automatically detects if you have the plug in or not, and adapts its behavior accordingly. In the example below you can see what this looks like for someone who doesn’t have our plug in.
We’ll be making this technology available to all SceneCaster users at the end of February.